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Who you know – or what you know?

Your journey as a small business owner isn’t one of chance. Luck has nothing to do with success in business. Neither does chance or kismet.

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The key is and always has been knowledge.

The choices you make are what guide you as you navigate the twisting paths towards success. Not the roll of a dice or the unpredictable whims of others. Obtaining the information and the understanding that you need to make your killer idea soar is what really matters. You simply must learn how to tweak the gears and press the buttons of business so that it works in your favour. This is why I created The 1 Page Plan.

Cutting through
the noise

The 1 Page Plan is a consolidated recipe for success. It contains all of the tools you need to get your business working in the right way from the beginning. Many small business owners don’t have much time – because they’re already wearing all the hats and learning new skills takes a lot of energy. To this end, The 1 Page Plan is concise; it’s clear and it’s actionable so that you can start things off in the right way without getting overwhelmed.
You can buy it here.

A massive smart phone is on the ground and the 'screen' is now a swimming pool (representing The 1 Page Plan), with a diving board over it. One person has jumped from the board and is diving into the phone screen pool. The other 2 are standing on the side waiting to dive in
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Once you buy The 1 Page Plan Workbook

you’ll be able to create an awesome marketing plan from scratch in a few short hours. As well as the workbook, you’ll have unlimited access to all my blogs and vlogs which will help deepen your understanding of small-business marketing.
If you want to learn more about The 1 Page Plan, read on but feel free to drop me an email anytime day or night at hello@the1pageplan.com  and I’ll happily answer your questions.

Best wishes Natasha de Halpert Founder, The 1 Page Plan

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